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About Us




Our founder, William Pearce Jamieson, began as a sole practitioner providing public accounting services in the early 1950's. He continued his practice until 1972 when he formed a partnership with two other local CPA's. Since Mr. Jamieson's death in April, 1991, the remaining partners formed a professional accounting corporation as a succession to the original partnership. In February 2016 the corporation converted to an LLC and changed the firm name from Jamieson, Wise & Martin, CPA's APAC to Wise, Martin & Cole, LLC. Although some of the faces and names have changed, the accounting firm has continued to grow and expand its services.


Our Mission



Our mission is:

To provide the finest accounting, auditing, tax and management consultation services.

To be associated with successful, growing companies and to help each client reach his maximum potential.

To be a firm that is enjoyable to work for and rewarding to work with.

To contribute to our community and the profession to which we belong.

To grow within our local area and continue to emphasize our personal relationship with clients that is the foundation of our practice.

Our Team

Michael W. Wise -
Kristine H. Cole -


601 Main, Minden, LA 71055